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Charity of the week


The Center for Victims of Torture ( has worked since 1985 to heal victims of torture and war trauma. Starting from an effort to aid refugees in St. Paul, Minn., it now supports a network of rehabilitation centers helping torture victims in the U.S., Africa, and the Middle East, and provides training for similar efforts around the world. The organization’s clinic in Amman, Jordan, has recently faced an influx of thousands of Syrian refugees who have endured arbitrary arrests, torture, and sexual violence. CVT caregivers receive special training to address survivors’ mental and physical health, tailoring their therapies to the nature of the trauma suffered. CVT also advocates in Washington, D.C., for stronger human rights laws and an end to torture worldwide.

Each charity we feature has earned a four-star overall rating from Charity Navigator, which rates not-for-profit organizations on the strength of their finances, their control of administrative and fundraising expenses, and the transparency of their operations. Four stars is the group’s highest rating.

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